Long before wedding planning became a standardized industry, Ferns N Petals pioneered as a wedding décor company and wedding venue provider. Shaadi Central started as another branch of Ferns N Petals empire. The journey of wedding planning and decor started 24 years ago, when the passionate team of dream weavers at FNP observed that the key areas of wedding industry were not well-organized, and people were scrambling to organize the weddings of their dreams. To solve certain challenges such as unprofessionalism, unorganized systems, and ever-growing need of luxury weddings, FNP decided to embark on this journey of providing the most magical wedding experiences in the country. Additionally, FNP offers 11 luxurious wedding venues in Delhi/NCR that can systematically host any kind of wedding.

Shaadi Central
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Shaadi Central

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We are here to make your journey slightly easier so that you have the most relaxing and dreamy experience. With all the endless to-do lists, we come to your rescue to chart out a seamless and stress-free celebration.

Share your story and we will get in touch with you to chat about how we can transform your ultimate wedding vision into reality.


    Anita Gupta

    “Shaadi Central orchestrated our wedding like a symphony. The event flow was flawless, with every moment perfectly timed. The entertainment was captivating, the decor was enchanting, and the overall management was exceptional. Shaadi Central truly turned our special day into a seamless celebration of love.”

    Rohan Arrora

    “From seamless guest management to personalized assistance, Shaadi Central’s hospitality made our wedding stress-free. Our guests felt truly cared for, and the concierge services added a touch of luxury. Shaadi Central ensured our celebration was not just about love but about making every guest feel special.”

    Aman Jha

    “Shaadi Central transformed our wedding into a visual masterpiece. The decor was beyond our dreams – personalized, breathtaking, and a true reflection of our love story. Every detail was meticulously crafted, making our celebration an unforgettable experience.”

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