Trending bridal & jaimala concepts

Jaimala ceremonies are the highlight of the wedding day and it’s the moment when all the eyes are on you. Jaimala concepts and designs are evolving year on year and we have some beautiful ideas for you to take.

  • Personalized garlands: Any jaimala ceremony can go up a notch if you personalize your varmalas. You can do that with your favorite flowers or by adding your initials to it. 
  • Theme-based varmalas: You can customize your varmalas based on the décor or colour theme of the ceremony such as varmalas with tulips or red roses. 
  • Immersive ceremonies: Many couples are looking for ways to make their jaimala ceremony more interactive by adding props to make it more grandeur. 
  • Sustainable varmala options: You can make more eco-friendly choices by opting for flowers that are sourced locally and do not impose too much on the environment. 
  • DIY varmalas: To add a touch of love and personalization, some couples also create their own varmalas before the ceremony to react the peak of customization. This adds more value to it as it is personally created by them. 

Sky is the limit when it comes to jaimala ceremony ideas as your creativity and personalization will always bring the true essence of your love. You can explore more trending ideas like the ones mentioned above.

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