Unique giveaways for wedding

Each wedding is special in its own way and there are several ways to make your special day even more memorable for your loved ones. As we observe the new trend of offering memorable keepsakes for your guests to remember your wedding forever, we have noted a few unique return favours for your guests that will leave them in awe. 

  • Customized planters: You can get small, customized planters that are either herbs or succulents as a form of a gift. These are useful to the guests and symbolize growth and prosperity.
  • Personalized puzzle sets: Offering a memory from the wedding to the guests can be interesting in the form of a puzzle as they can work their way to the memory. 
  • Recipe books: A recipe book that contains different cuisines from all over the country can be a sweet and useful gesture.
  • Teabag blends: A set of different teabags can be a great gift as your guests will use them within a week’s time. 
  • Personalized candles: Embossing a candle with a key element from the wedding is a beautiful keepsake from the wedding. 

You can add more ideas to this list as personalization always brings a heartfelt touch to return favors from weddings. The idea is to give your guests something that will keep the memory of your wedding alive forever

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